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Founded in 1987 by Scott Van Duzor (right), Van Duzor Construction offers its customers the chance to live in their dream home. We’ll build a home designed just for you, or help you transform your existing home into what you need, all by using a blend of experience, creativity and carpentry-craftsman skills.

Van Duzor’s team of contractors, interior and exterior designers, architects and landscape architects work with you to make it happen.

There is no need to go anywhere else!


Whether it’s remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, or building on an addition or porch, the Van Duzor team doesn’t stop at carrying out your vision. Our professionals make sure the newest part of your home won’t interfere with the rest. All remodeling and additions blend in with the style and spirit of the home, while still allowing for a transformation that is totally unique.

Throughout the building process, the same supervising carpenter will work with the homeowner to make sure the project is on target. Communication is key at Van Duzor. The homeowner decides their own level of involvement, with daily or weekly updates if wanted.

We have spent the past 30 years making houses into dream homes. We hope you join that tradition.